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Welcome to Elderly Assist

Elderly Assist takes the stress out of moving by helping you to downsize, declutter, pack and relocate. We will also unpack your possessions into your new home.

Are you thinking of moving into a retirement village, excited by the freedom you’ll have as you take those first steps into the next phase of your retirement but feeling daunted by the amount of work involved?

Have you moved around a lot, with each new home bringing you more space for you and your family and your ever growing possessions, but this time, moving into a smaller home, are you worried about having to part with treasured lifelong possessions?

Yes moving home can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Elderly Assist is here to ensure you do not have to go it alone. Preparing the home for sale, liaising with real estate agents, downsizing, decluttering and then packing, organising movers, selling or gifting unwanted possessions is where we can assist. We also assist with arranging the packing of items for storage if possessions are to be kept for your family members that are offshore.

At Elderly Assist we want to assist you wherever we can. We unpack your possessions for you at your new retirement home on moving day, placing your furniture as you had planned, arranging all your treasured ornaments for you to enjoy, making up your bed and ensuring your clothes are ready and waiting for you to use.

At Elderly Assist we combine superb organisational skills with values of empathy, honesty and caring as you go through this time of change. We will not ‘take over’ and will stay away from any clinical or medical matters which we leave to trained medical professionals but we can assist you in any other area. We will organise the entire moving job or just parts of it liaising with your family, where possible, at all times.

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We can help you as you prepare to sell your home. As the owner operator of Elderly Assist, Janice Willis, I work with all the Real Estate companies.



After we have downsized and decluttered your home in preparation for its sale, we can then assist you with packing and moving.



We take the stress away when you need to sell the family home and dispose of excess property.