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Moving Assist takes the stress out of moving by assisting you declutter, pack, relocate and unpack at your new home. We can also arrange the packing of items for Storage.

Thinking of moving into a new home or your company is relocating you, but daunted by the work and time involved? Moving home can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine walking into your new home on moving day and seeing all your furniture placed as you’d planned and your possessions already unpacked and waiting for you to use.

Moving Assist appreciates that people with busy lives often find they do not have the time or contacts needed to arrange everything when a decision has been made to move homes or relocate from offshore or within New Zealand for business or family reasons.

Worried about having to dispose of furniture you have decided will not be moving with you? Has the style and layout of your new home given you the opportunity to refresh your possessions or you need to downsize as your new home is smaller?   At Moving Assist we can assist with the sale of furniture and belongings. We ensure you receive the maximum return and we do not take a commission on the sale of your goods. We can also assist in the disposal of items or arrange the donation to charities of your choice.

At Moving Assist we manage the entire move or just parts of it without ‘taking over’. We ensure you are the one making all the decisions about what is going with you. We can assist prepare your home and garden for sale. Or if your company has relocated you from another country or location in New Zealand, then we can unpack for you, so everything is ready to use when you move in.

Janice Willis, the Owner and Founder of both Elderly Assist and Moving Assist is passionate about removing the stress and complications for everyone as they relocate or downsize from their current home to a new one. Many children and friends of our Elderly Assist clients have asked us to assist them to move. Moving Assist has a team working around the wider Auckland area assisting clients as they prepare to and during the move.

All the arrangements and contacts we have in place for Elderly Assist can be made available to assist with your move.

For Further information, contact Janice
on 0800 839 874 or 021 839 874